Re: Format a Widget with an apple III

From: macmoni <macmoni_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 08:29:14 +0200


trying to clear the confusion with internal Widget drives and external Profiles:
> The ProFile, at least the 5 MB version, was compatible with the Apple
> III.
Yes ! But also compatible with Apple Lisa The only difference is the kind of formatting. That's all. (Same with 10MB)
> formatted by a Lisa, an Apple III can't use it. But, that seems
> suspicious.
Not at all !
> I doubt that a Widget will be able to be formatted with an Apple III,
In fact. All the Profiles have been formatted with an Apple III and a special Board connected to the Apple III and connected to the apropriate external Drive.
Then you can use it with a Lisa.
I sold one of my Apple III half a year ago to a person, who only (or perhaps not only) uses the Apple III to format restored Drives for Lisa.
> I'm not an expert. The Widget was made specifically for the Lisa line,
> and
> isn't compatible with the III.
If you speak of the connections, you may be right. But there's not a lot of soldering and cabling work to do and your internal Lisa Widget Drive mutates to an external Profile for Lisa or Apple III
> Does anyone have any idea how many working Lisa hard drives are still
> in
> existence?
:-) And what will be the weather forecast for the next 4 months :-) No, I think nobody can really count that. Not because of the high number of working drives, but because there is no registration on this planet, who counts every working drive. Or is there? I never heard of...
> But, that would require knowledge of the Lisa OS.
Not so quite rare, as you perhaps might think !
> I wonder if any of the members of the Lisa team would lend support to
> such a project?
Well Patrick Schaefer did that really without any help. He first tried to reengineer all the TTL Processes by reading out the hardware protocols, then he builts his own architecture which "only" converts the incoming requests and forwards those to an conventional SCSI HD and reverse, too

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