Origins of the Apple Human Interface

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For a great discussion of the development of the Lisa computer's user interface see the following web site which has a transcript of a presentation by one of the Lisa's creators, Larry Tesler.

Origins of the Apple Human Interface
Larry Tesler
Chris Espinosa
Oct. 28, 1997 cript.shtml

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>Subject: Lisa History
>Date: Tue, May 10, 2005, 11:53 PM

> Why has the Lisa team remained silent? Isn't there a book here? I'd
> personally love to have all the anecdotes and the like concerning the
> Lisa's development to read. There's a little bit about it on the Mac
> Folklore site, but everything is so Mac-centric. It would be refreshing to
> read about the Lisa from a Lisa-centric perspective.
> Is everyone who was on the team still with us? It would be really useful
> for the Lisa's History to be recorded while it's still possible.
> Steve

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