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From: Marcin Wichary <mwichary_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 15:38:21 +0200

> I have a 2 CD set called LISA COLLECTED PAPERS which has such
> information.

While I probably haven't seen all of the articles you preserved, I did see a fair share, and I still agree with what Steve said.

There are much less stories about Lisa development, and those that are there are usually much more... would "dry" be a good word? There is simply no chance of constructing a Lisa-version of "Revolution in the valley" out of these stories. And "Revolution" is only the most recent in the long stream of books regarding the creation of Macintosh.

Maybe it has something to do with Lisa development? Maybe the team wasn't bonding so well? Maybe Lisa's failure changed their perception? I'm not sure. Still, I would love to read more about Lisa from perspective of people that were there, and not just technological issues.

The Schmucker's book you mentioned [1] is nice, but it only describes Lisa and its applications; as far as I remember it does not document how did Apple develop the Lisa itself.

Thanks for the Q & A with the guy and the transcript of the lecture, and while I appreciate them greatly and I learned a lot from them, they are again as much technical stories as I would like them to be personal.

[1] I have some info on the book and excerpts of it at http://

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