Re: Lisa Questions

From: Marcin Wichary <mwichary_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 09:41:23 +0200

I have received these questions from one of the visitors of my site... and I have no idea. Perhaps some of you could help me out?

> Anyway, my question is: did the Lisa have an internal fan? Larry
> Pina's book
> seems to indicate there was, but I've been all over the net looking
> at pics
> of Lisa's guts and even Pina's own book does not show the fan
> itself or even
> a likely location for it.
> Secondly, does the ProFile hard drive have a fan? I've seen pics of

> its guts
> as well and if there is one, I sure can't figure out where it would
> fit,

> unless it was inside the power supply.
> Last, I was sort of surprised in one of your detailed pictures to
> see on the
> front of Lisa 2 an Apple logo that looks more like the re-designed
> Mac Plus
> logo by frogdesign studios. i.e. it is just the outline of the
> apple without
> the square backplate like the logo that appears on the back of the
> Lisa and
> on the front and back of the Macintosh. Since the Lisa 2 pre-dates the
> re-design of the Mac Plus and therefore the frogdesign laser-cut
> logo, how
> is this particular logo implemented? I mean, is it just the apple
> glued onto
> the surface? Or, is it inlaid into the case like on the Mac Plus?

Thanks in advance!

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