Re: I/O board compatibility?

From: Dr. Helmut Post <helmut_post_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 18:52:58 +0200

I have a Lisa 2/5 and a 2/10 (XL).
I have successfully installed an XL I/O board in my Lisa 2/5 ( with the old battery backed-up I/O board). there are no big differences between the I/O boards- however, I have used a different 800KB ROM for the XL I/O board. The XL I/O card fits in a 2/5, but the old I/O card won't work in a Lisa 2/10 (XL).
The Lisa 2/10 runs Lisa OS and MacWorks, the Mac XL doesn't, because there is a screen kit installed ( to change the rectangular pixels into square pixels, as used on the Macintosh). The screen kit includes a new Video state Prom which makes it impossible to run Lisa OS (invalid Lisa serial number for Lisa OS) - you have to uninstall the screen kit, the Video state Prom and the Monitor EPROM's as well.
Then you have changed your XL into a "downgraded" Lisa 2/10.

The card cage of the Lisa 2/5 doesn't fit into a Lisa 2/10 (or XL) because the form factor is slightly different- slightly modified main connectors for the widget.

I hope these informations are useful...

BTW: You can install a battery backup in a XL I/O board- the modifications are very easy to handle. But I wouldn't recommend it, because the batteries will do the same bad corrosion as found in many 2/5 I/O board.


on 25.08.2005 17:51 Uhr, Philip Lord at philip_at_email.domain.hidden wrote:

> I read in the Sun Remarketing 'do it yourself guide' that Lisa I/O
> cards will not work in a XL. My question is, what is it about an XL
> that makes it an XL, and what is it about a Lisa that makes it a
> lisa? is it the Motherboard?
> For example: if I had a lisa 2 upgraded to a XL (new roms for 800k
> floppy, and widget drive) that has a dead original lisa 2 motherboard
> (parallel port version), and I'm replacing the dead motherboard and
> card cage with a motherboard and card cage from an XL (no Parallel
> port version), will the original lisa I/O card still work or do I
> have to change that too?
> Thanks in advance.
> Phil

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