historical Apples and Macs in museums

From: macmoni <macmoni_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 20:39:33 +0200

Hi Marcin,

let me add a few sentences
> ... in Paris has a Lisa 2 on their display. There's not that much
> information about it, but I wonder if any other museums have Lisa in
> their collections?
There are only a few french members here in the LisaList and, yes it seems, that historical computers are not really "high grade collected" in france; I do not know one vintage Apple museum in france

BUT just look at the museum "Neue Pinakothek" in munich: they have an Apple Lisa.
Okay, they don't tell the visitors about the technical engineering concerning this marking point of computing technology, but they wrote something like: "design and functionality" if I remember right...

just look at the technical "Museum in Sinsheim" the most popular museum of modern technology in germany (I would like to mention). They also have a Lisa and there the facts are more focussed "in the breakthrough of virtual desktop"...

...and there is the "technical University of Coburg" who owns one of my Lisas, too. It was a gift to the man, who built up an Apple Collection, to show his students how the historical proceedures came and how it all began. "There was a time, when programmers have to fight for every byte..." he often begins his remarkable sessions there. By the way, he operates a totally opened LC III since over 5 years - and it still runs ! He opened the harddisk, scratched the processor and wrapped everithing in a transparent box made of glass, so that everybody can SEE how a computer works with his eyes. Remarkable, not?

You see, those kinds of museums deserve vintage computers of my collection, and I'm shure they know how precious that "stuff" is

greetings TOM from Bavaria

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