Re: Non-working Lisa PSU

From: Philip Lord <philip_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 16:41:09 +0900

> when you opened the PSU, did you before check, whether it's
> necessary to solder something inside?
No, I just opened and tightened/crimped the back of one of the Pots (using some pliers) that had come loose, and was wobbling. Did the trick.
> What means: "a 1.2 (not working 95% of the time)" Did you ever try
> to figure out, why it works 5% ? And what did you change, so that
> it works, and what, so it doesn't work again?

When I got the lisa from Jerry, we both suspected a bad PSU. Jerry had not been able to get it to power on at all. When it arrived in Japan (100v vs US120v), It worked. Sporadically and briefly. Now when I use the 1.2 amp PSU and push the power button, there is a chirp. Actually 2 chirps, one when you push in, and the other when you release the power button. Chirp Chirp!

> ...and by the way... Jason wrote: "The dual diode ended up being
> busted."
> That is the reason of more than 60% of all non-working Lisa-PSU,
> cause this part is highly critical compared to the caps in the PSU


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