Re: How many working Widgets?

From: Dr. Helmut Post <helmut_post_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 22:57:25 +0200

No, the Widget doesn't have a variable rotational speed ( 3600 RPM constant speed +-3%)- it uses the same GCR (group code recording) as known from other Apple mass storage devices.
The problem with the widget is the doubled track density- the Widget uses only one platter/2 surfaces/ 612 tracks/17 sectors/ 532 Bytes per sector. the 10 MB Profile with a Seagate ST 412 HDU has 2 platters/4 surfaces/306 tracks/17 sectors/ 532 Bytes/sector.
The higher track density of the Widget was only possible with a new developed voice coil actuator using a DTF (dynamic track following) system with an optical servo. This was one of the first hard disks using a voice coil actuator.
The Profile uses a stepper actuator without a DTF system. I have made the experience that the 5 MB Profile (Seagate ST 506 DU) is much more reliable than the 10 MB Profile- thanks to the half track density (153 tracks instead of 306)
Most of these old 10 MB Profiles can be repaired by a simple low level format.

on 04.11.2005 23:24 Uhr, sauersr_at_email.domain.hidden at sauersr_at_email.domain.hidden wrote:

> It seems that the ProFile is a much more reliable drive. Is it because the
> Widget has some type of variable rotation speed, like the Twiggy?

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