Re: [ANN] X/ProFile -- Hard Disk Alternative for X/Lisa

From: macmoni <macmoni_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 14:03:06 +0100

Hi James and of course all members of the LisaList

> With respect to Tom, who I consider to be my friend, the unlucky
> coincidence of the timing of these two products is just that... a
> coincidence.
Okay, let's name that "...a coincidence"
> ... there was still a lot of work to do. At that time, I wrote to Tom
> to
> discuss his experience with the IDEfile,
That's right !
> hoping to determine if there was, or was not, any point in finishing
> the development of the X/ProFile.
I didn't hear about that development of a X/ProFile at that time. I heard the first time 3 days ago; exactly the november 2005
> Although there are some general similarities in the function of these
> devices, I certainly did not copy or otherwise derive any benefit from
> Patrick's work. There was no need or desire to do so.
Well, I think that is true, too. I know James as an good to very good electronics engineer for years. I can say, he will be able to come to such an solution - as shown in the X/ProFile - by himself.
> Although I have seen pictures, I have not built (or even seen
> in-person) an
> IDEfile. I have looked briefly at Patrick's web page (where I learned
> the
> technical details mentioned below).
I cannot comment that.
> I apologize if the announcement implied that the X/ProFile was a
> "unique
> idea" or "the only choice". The intention was to convey that it is a
> new
> product from Sigma Seven Systems Ltd.
Well, I do not really think, that the LisaList should be a place for apologizes,
as I further do not think that it is a place for advertizing, too ;-)

But with respect to Patrick's solution and his efforts he made (and he did that non-commercial !!!), here are parts of the translated text he wrote a few hours ago:

"The comparism to Microsoft is describing the situation, because there were used "huge words" to describe the product. Let's hope the item does all the things, which were advertized. Think of THAT price :-) It isn't a direct copy of my solution, because of differences in technical structure..."

He wrote much more, but I'm not keen on translating all that into english.

But let me end that discussion, with some remarks: I'm not a person, who plays the role of a judge. There are too many other people in the world, who play that role better than me :-) I made my Baccalaureus years ago in two "Sciences": History and Physics I learned, and everybody will make the same expieriences, when studying "History" that there were always "similarities in time", when inventions were made...
Some are nice to read after hundreds of years, some are still unknown in public, and some will remain unknown in general. That's history !

BUT it is very strange for me, that July 2004 Mr. Schaefer posted the article in the internet for public and it took over a year, to set up a website with the - let's say - from the aspect of the idea an identical product: 9th november 2005 X/Profile.

All other aspects are hardly to proove for any outstanding person.

So people, who want to buy the X/Profile, they should do. So people, who want to buy the IDEfile, they should do. ...and people, who do not want one of them, they should do!


greetings TOM from Bavaria

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