Re: Lisa OS

From: DAVID T CRAIG <shirlgato_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2006 20:48:50 -0800


I think you are referring to the MACINTOSH MONITOR OS which was used by Apple's Macintosh developers to run Macintosh programs on the Macintosh 128K machine before the Mac OS was developed.

The Mac Monitor was a port of the LISA MONITOR which was the Lisa first OS. The monitor was a very simple UCSD-Pascal like command shell which had a single command line at the top of the screen. You pressed a single key to execute a command such as X to run a program (X = eXecute).

The monitor OS file system was very similar (identical?) to the UCSD-Pascal file system; flat file (not hierarchical), 77 files max, each file resided in a contiguous region of disk space, large volumes were supported.

Apple used the Monitor OS for its Lisa development efforts before the Lisa OS worked.

David Craig (shirlgato AT cybermesa DOT com)

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