[lisa] please stop useless communication !!!!

From: tommoni <tommoni_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2006 23:46:33 -0800

Hi guys,

I don't really know, whether I'm the only one, who feels a little worried about that huge quantity of let me say "useless" communication on the LisaList since the List changed to Google Groups.

I liked the old days, where there were only topics and discussions mainly about themes, that were "relevant" to Apple Lisa or its software or peripherals!
I don't like to get tons of emails from the List with contents like:
"yum yum, babel babel, I say this and I say that", or worst case for
"I like to mod a Lisa"

There were only 99 users on the LisaList, I don't know how many
"newbies" have signed in in the last 3 days and I'm not shure whether
those "newbies" are the people, who write those articles in the LisaList, I reported a few lines. But shouldn't we all keep an eye on usefull communication on the LisaList? I believe this isn't a forum like a chatroom. Or perhaps I missed something? Has the LisaList now degraded from a engineeric topic List to a chatroom?

This LisaList had been a platform, where technical problems could have been solved in order to keep the rare and vintage and - in my eyes - collectable computer or it's software still working or working again. If I now read articles, where I have to ask myself on every word: "What for heavens sake, has this to do with Apple Lisas?" I sometimes feel like in a low-budget weekday afternoon discussion show on TV: "I tell the whole world now, what I did or intend to do useless things"

That's really far away from the topics I intend to want to read. Have I now to sign out?

I don't know, whether I'm the only one, who feels like that. If yes, keep my message uncommented; if no, whe should inform listmom about that inflationary tendency.
Or any better proposals?

TOM from Bavaria, the country of the marvellous castles of Koenig Ludwig, the Alps, the original Octoberfest in the center of Europe

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