From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 11:13:21 -0400

Hey guys,

I've been working on setting up a Lisa FAQ to keep track of various tricks, tips, and information about our wonderful machines. :-)

Specifically, I'd like to cover hardware repairs, software tricks, historical information and other useful tidbits.

I'm not looking to duplicate all the knowledge that's out there, but rather have it in the form of "I have this problem, how do I fix it?". Google is a wonderful tool and all, but this would help preserve lots of knowledge and provide a quicker index to it than a search engine can.

The main goal, at least initially is to provide hardware repair knowledge, but it shouldn't be limited to this.

There's plenty of historical knowledge on this List as well. As we all know, our Lisa's ran a variety of software from the Office System, MacWorks, Monitor, to Xenix and UniPlus Unix. There were even rumors of a CP/M 68 (which seems to have existed for the Atari ST, but maybe didn't make it for the Lisa.) I'm sure there were lots of applications and other details on the software side that should be collected and kept in an FAQ that might be fading from memory.

It should also have a list of Lisa website url's available online now (but perhaps this should avoid the usual slew of datasheet websites that say "Lisa was a 68000 machine that Apple made, it has 1MB of RAM and a 400K floppy". I won't include the URL catalog guys that scrape the web and put "directories" or claim that in exchange for a link to their website, they'll include mine in their directory, so that they can make ad sales.)

It should also contain answers such as "Where can I buy 3.5" DS/DD floppies from?" and "I'm insanely lucky and own a Lisa 1. How do I turn a 5.25" 1.2M DS/HD floppy into media my Twiggy drives will work with?" and even "How do I turn my Lisa into a web server?"

I'd even love to see questions about the Lisa Workshop. Who knows, maybe someone will get inspired to write modern Lisa Office System tools! :-)

I've been going over lots of materials such as the Sun Remarketing document, David Craig's wonderful PDF files, Semaphore Signal, this List's archives, and the big Lisa book available from

In doing so, I'd like to know what questions about the Lisa you'd want answered, and whether you have tested the results. I'm after technically acurate answers. If you have pictures of the steps to take, so much the better!

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