Inherited a Lisa and some parts.........

From: SeanF <sean.fraz_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 03:02:00 -0000

Now im trying to get it to work. I think it's a Lisa 2. I/O board has missing battery pack with a little corrosion but not much. it looks like it has an 800k drive and matching ROM from SunRem as well.  It powers up but will not boot any floppies (drive reads then gives error 23 and ejects, happens with every single one). I've got several floppies (MacWorks boot, install, etc.) and i've create some of my own from DART images (400k, 800k & Mac disks) but none work. it has a SunRem 1mb card and a 20mb drive on a SCSI card that spins up but obviously i can't get to it since i can't boot from a floppy.

ROM @ bootup is H/A8.

I do have another I/O board (came in a box of junk with the Lisa). With that I/O board I get an error on startup (multiple beeps then an error 57). the floppy drive never spins.

I've cleaned all the connectors with alcohol and still nada. I've also tried 2 different drives with the same results. one 800k drive and one 400k drive. when i installed the 400k drive i got an error 39 (wrong drive ROM) which i expected.

any help is greatly apreciated.


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