Re: Power supply caps and related problems

From: simon <simski_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 17:18:49 +0200

On 10-apr-07, at 17:06, simon wrote:

> A few day's back i fired up my beloved 2/10 to let it run it' regular
> monthly hours. this to keep the system in shape and the caps in a
> working order. but after a quarter of an hour, suddenly the lights went
> out in my place. There was a fuse blown on one of my house groups. It
> appears that only one of the phases of the lisa is internally fused and
> a small capacitor in the line buffer section of the power supply had a
> short circuit. of course this was on the line that was not internal
> fused...

this could be the case with that other power supply nulldev1ce writes about. i've noticed that the lisa uses a lot of filtering caps. be aware that a visual examination is not enough. just replace them all. the cost is very low compared with the idea that all of them are in a bad shape and under huge stress. Maybe the bigger ones cost around 8 euo's a piece, but the small ones are not that expensive..

PS. people with a lisa in Amsterdam can contact me off list to arrange a plan.


met vriendelijke groet

Simon Claessen

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