Re: is there need for a wiki for the lisa?

From: toby <toby_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 06:54:06 -0700

On May 24, 12:44 pm, Ray Arachelian <r..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> simon wrote:
> > On 15-mei-2007, at 17:15, Ray Arachelian wrote:
> > and what is the use of spam or farmers. ...
> > ... way to much hassle to do for someone who
> > wants to attrackt millions.
> I'm not sure what motivates them or why they do it, but the fact is that
> there are people out there ... that means a wiki that
> requires a login at least for edits.
> Be aware that there are exploits for various browsers out there that can
> be invoked by visiting malicious sites. ...
> I've been playing around with some wiki software, ...
> If you guys have other suggestions as to good wiki
> software to run, ...

Looking at the slightly bigger picture, why not something like Trac[1]? This would give you a reliable wiki, a friendly and useful web-based repository browser, and an issue tracker, tightly integrated in ways that are difficult to achieve with separate tools[2]. It also has a login/user-permissions system and is very easy to run under Apache. (I'm figuring that sooner or later you'll need an issue tracker for the emulator.)

There are other excellent wikis, of course, that are mature enough not to dump core(!!!). For example, TWiki[3] (Perl) or MediaWiki[4], both industrial strength and highly customisable/extensible systems - and probably overkill.

The choice, in my opinion, should also take into account the markup used. There is very little standardisation, and I'd avoid a wiki with obscure/unique markup, as people won't be motivated to learn it well. MediaWiki is probably close to de facto standard here thanks to Wikipedia, but I also like TWiki's syntax (and Trac's, fairly common in open source projects, is easy to use too). Also it's more likely that people will already be familiar with the user interfaces of the more popular wikis.

[2] e.g., easy inter-linking between each component of the system: wiki, issue tracker, source repository (changeset and file by line), etc.

(Full disclosure: I run and administer several instances of 1 & 3 in active development projects.)

> BTW: The LisaFAQ is actually built via didiwiki ...

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