Re: LisaEm 1.2.2 released - bugfixes

From: Kallikak <ken.wessen_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 01:40:33 -0800

I used to get much smoother mouse movement in RC1 and earlier. Maybe this was because of being able to specify the refresh rate? Is there a particular reason that was removed from the menu? Is there another way to control it? Or maybe there is another reason I am getting so much jitter now...

Also, Triple has been mis-spelt as Tripple in one of the menu items for a while.


On Nov 12, 3:32 pm, Ray Arachelian <r..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> LisaEm 1.2.2 has been released. As usual, it can be downloaded from This version is mostly bug
> fixes instead of features.
> VIA and printing bugs have been addressed, as well as cleaning up the
> code to allow compiling with Unicode enabled versions of wxWidgets,
> which is important for Linux distributions, and the version of wxWidgets
> included with OS X Leopard.
> It is no longer necessary to manually flush print jobs, though you still
> can. LisaEm now times printer output. If there's no activity to a
> printer for 10* seconds, it will close the print job. If you are
> sending LisaEm printouts to a PDF or PostScript file, it is still
> important not to print out several jobs from within Lisa Office System
> at the same time as LisaEm will see them as a single large job. (This
> doesn't matter if you're printing to paper, or images.)
> There are still some minor bugs in the ImageWriter emulation - the page
> size isn't quite exactly what LOS expects it to be, so multipage jobs
> tend to move the start of the page by several pixels.
> I'm also cleaning up the Generator CPU code so that it can become its
> own library, and will do the same for the ImageWriter code so that they,
> along with libdc42 can be used in other emulation projects (i.e. for
> example by Apple II, or Macintosh emulators.)
> Other bugs may still, of course, exist, if you find any, please let me
> know so that they can be fixed in future releases.
> (* The 10 second value is relative to running the virtual Lisa at 5MHz,
> running it at higher throttle values will speed up the waiting time.)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Lisa Emulator Change History
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --- 1.2.2 Release
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> 2007.11.11 - changed printing so that it auto-flushes print jobs. Printing
> works but the page size is slightly off so it tends to not line
> up properly when more than one page is printed.
> 2007.11.10 - cleaning up script + source code
> 2007.11.08 - fixed slot preferences - browse buttons between high/low ports
> were swapped.
> - fixed parallel port u/l assignments - opposite from what
> LOS uses
> 2007.11.02 - more via6522.c cleanup/fixes.
> 2007.10.18 - Renamed Profile menu to Parallel Port as it's more accurate
> 2007.10.15 - cleaning up Generator code so as to build it as its own library
> 2007.10.01 - looking into cleaning up unicode incompatibility bugs, rewrote
> bunches and bunches of string routines and fixed up some
> idiotic
> char * <-> wxString gymnastics.
> 2007.09.25 - Looking into via6522 bugs for MacWorks and Xenix,
> no luck there yet
> If you'd like to support this project, you can do so by sending me
> something from my Amazon wish list. (Used books and DVD's are perfectly
> fine with me.) The trains are for my kid. :)

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