Re: Lisa 2/10 floppy drive help

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 06:15:57 -0500

NateSpin wrote:
> Well, partially answering my own question, after doing some more
> tinkering, it would turn out that the red LEDs I see inside the floppy
> disk drive are actually used to tell the drive if a floppy disk has
> been inserted. Apparently, when I insert a floppy disk, it isn't
> displacing a small black plastic piece far enough to block the RED
> lights, thus the floppy disk drive doesn't know that a disk has been
> inserted. Now I just need to figure out why the black plastic piece
> isn't being displaced far enough.
Is there a spring attached to that black plastic piece? Maybe it's lost its strength?

Another thing to consider: the floppy you're using has to be SS/DD, you can absolutely use DS/DD, but you can't use HD floppies. If you're trying to use HD floppies, you may have to use black tape to mask of the HD sense hole, but even then, keep in mind that HD media has a higher coercivity to flip the bits on the media, so while reads will work fine on the Lisa, writes might not.

Other stuff, do the usual cleaning, and also clean the contact pins on the drive, they may have oxidized if they haven't been plugged into a cable. i.e. if the drive's just been sitting on the shelf and not in machine. Get some contact cleaner spray from the local rat shack...

When it all works, you should hear a snap as soon as you insert the disk, that's the drive mechanism lowering the floppy into place and opening it's window, then shortly after, you should hear the drive motor spin for about a second.

When you attempt to boot you should hear the motor spinning at 4 rates (though two of them are similar in pitch, so you might not notice all 4). Mac's/Lisas use GCR encoding, so they actually spin the drive at different speeds in order to save more data on the outer tracks.

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