Re: Fixing the UniPlus+ root disk fsck by hand (very very long)

From: Andrew Warkentin <andreww_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 18:16:31 -0600

Ray Arachelian wrote:

>As a quickie UFS refresher:
A nitpick: UniPlus uses the System V filesystem, which is completely different from UFS, which is the filesystem used by 4.2BSD and later BSD Unices, as well as some later System V Unices.

>Weird, but /usr has 0003 for the number of links... This might mean
>something I don't know... I'd expect just 1, but maybe it means
>something else than I imagine... if you know, tell me... anyway root has
>7 here... :-( that might mean something important, or it might not.
>Let's stick to 3.... if it's wrong, let's hope that it doesn't mess us
>up... anyway, if we can get UniPlus+ installed on a single Lisa, we can
>use that Lisa to do an fsck on the hand-fixed root floppy and then fix
>up any items we got wrong...
That's normal. On most Unix filesystems, every directory has at least two links (one in its parent directory, obviously, and one for its "." entry), as well as one for each of its subdirectories (for the ".." entry).

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