Re: New Member with Help Request Dayton Ohio Area

From: James MacPhail <gg__at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 16:44:00 -0800

I assume you haven't found someone local to Dayton yet, so perhaps you can troubleshoot this with a little help...

>the operating system will not load from the HD.

Error number?
Can you hear the drive spin up and do its self test?

>I would like to see if my discs are readable

My experience is that the 3.5" floppies have good longevity, so I would doubt that they all have failed, but it could depend on how they are stored.

If you have a Mac with a floppy drive, see if DiskCopy can read them.

> It will not boot from the discs either.
> I have an extra sony floppy drive

Does the floppy spin when you insert the disk, and is this a 400K drive?

If so, I suspect a missing head pad... I thought there was an item in the faq about this, but I can't find it now. Since you have two drives, compare the underside of the black plastic part that holds the pad (top of the drive, over the head). There should be a small round felt pad (~ 1/8 inch diameter) which presses the floppy media against the head when the disk is inserted. I can see it when I look in the floppy slot of the bare drive with a flashlight, but I suppose it isn't all that obvious.

Ray - I think you have a picture of that, no?

HTH, James

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