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From: unity <pacifictanningcompany_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 17:36:28 -0700 (PDT)

Hey Guys! Having a weird problem here with a Mac XL (H/88). I finally got it up and running, but ran into a weird problem when trying to copy over LisaCalc. It said the disk was full or had too many documents. Prior to this I had MacWorks setup and a full system running on it and all was well. Anyway, I had only installed a couple things and the drive still have about 9MB open. I then tried a few things but thought it may be disk corruption so I tried to repair, but repair failed! I also tried a new install of Office, but format failed too now. So I went through the process of setting up MacWorks and running drive setup, which formated the drive just fine. At this point I can copy over any Mac system or whatever. I then go back to Lisa Office install disk 1 and proceed with format and install. Yet again the format process fails and so does any repair attempt (although repair failure may be expected since its not formated for LOS yet.)

So now I am back at the start of things and cant get Office installed. I cant repair the drive and I can not format the drive. The initialization error happens pretty quick, in fact there is no flashing of the activity light. Yet when setting up Mac Works, it flashes and formats fine. The exact error is that it can not write to the disk and to call a repair rep.

Side note. Can a different 400k floppy drive cause this issue? I swapped in a drive that had better read success. It was in an external case for Mac 128k and 512k models. Its the only change I made to the system which otherwise has been working well. Never a failed boot! The floppy drives were produced just months apart and are the same Sony part numbers.

While I did having it running as a Mac XL and probably could again, I wanted the true Lisa experience and the entire Lisa 7/7 suite installed.

Another side note. All the widget control chips that are in sockets have been removed and re-seated in an attempt to resolve this. In fact doing this to the main board is what got this thing working in the first place after 10 years!

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