Re: Mouse keeps getting stuck

From: Jerome Vernet (Orange) <"Jerome>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 21:24:53 +0100

I finally build a working PPC build for 10.4.7. Seems to be much slower than the 10.3 build. And the speed reported goes from 0.1 Mhz to 270 Mhz ;).

I add some optimization flag to, but with -fast -mcpu=7450 (turn on all optimization option on), Lisaem doesn't build (error on link, I think due to gcc bug).

So I only add -03 -mcpu=7450

I also try -ftree-vectorize, some more speed up (may be ;))

Some strange thing:

*Power off doesn't work very well (some strange windows bugs happens: windows goes nearly full screen, Lisaem seem to hang but still respond slowly to menu command).


Kallikak a ˇcrit :
> I've noticed some odd behaviour with the win32 version. The mouse
> will move for a while, then get stuck, then work again, then get stuck
> etc. And, each time it gets stuck, the speed reported at the bottom
> shoots up from 5MHz to something in the 100s! Then, after a while the
> whole thing just freezes. :-(
> >
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