Re: New version of LisaEm up for downloads

From: Jerome Vernet (Orange) <"Jerome>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 18:48:16 +0100

Ray Arachelian a ˇcrit :
> Jerome Vernet (Orange) wrote:
>> Yeaaah !!!
>> First bug report: on my iBook G4, I have this message at launch:
>> Your display is only (11745488,-1073747296). This mode needs at least
>> (1480,1192).
>> 11745488 pixel wide screen ;)
> Just so I know what to fix, which video mode did that error show up for,
Any mode. With or without skin.
> and what size is your iBook's screen?
12" 1024x768
> Do you have an external monitor
> connected at the same time giving you two displays?

I was'nt able to boot anything yet on the Mac build found on I'm currently building my own Lisaem version.


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