Re: Lisa Software

From: Jerome Vernet (Orange) <"Jerome>
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 00:06:26 +0200

Steve Hatle a ˇcrit :
> Nice- the "Install READ ME" note is a note I wrote to Ray about a million
> years ago when we first started interacting via the 'net about Lisas. I
> guess you can never fade away on the Internet! <grin>

I see this text, I hoped that someone read it and recall what it was ;).

> The dead Widget referred to in the mail was an organ donor for one of my
> Widgets and still lives on in my "best" Lisa!


> I've had mixed luck with the 1.44 drives in SE/30's and above writing Lisa
> disks. If you can find a 512k/e, or Plus you might have better luck.

I use a 800k disk drive to write my Lisa disk. It's working... Sometimes ! Better are Apple IIgs drive, because they have the correct interleave for the lisa.

> Without downloading and cracking it open, what's in the "pre-beta.sit" file?

I don't know. here is the original link: Some other links from where I get these software:

You can download what you want ;).


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