Re: modified 1,44 MB floppy for Lisa

From: Scharpf Thomas <thomas_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 18:39:07 +0200

Hello everybody,

special greetings to James. It's been a long time since the redrawing of the schematics...

Now the how-to-do if one wants to use a conventional 1,44 MB super-drive floppy instead an original built-in 3,5" 400 kB drive of a Lisa; but don't ask me why one should do this.

You have to do some soldering work or just cut of the cooper-lines on the floppy-drive board.

First check the connector on the drive-board, where the plug with the 20 stripcable sticks from the Lisa motherboard connector. Unplug the cable and lay down the floppy-drive, with the board upside in a way that the manual ejection looks away from you and the 20 pin plug faces to you. You can see two rows with 10 pins, where this plug is soldered.

Here it comes: You have to cut off Pin 9 and 20 of this connector-plug.

Pin 1 is the upper left, Pin two the lower left, Pin 3 the upper second left and so on until you come to Pin 19 the upper right and Pin 20 the lower right.

Then you can connect the modified floppy-drive with your Lisa instead of the original 400 k drive. It will work, but a little slow :-)

When you want it to work as fast as an original 400k drive, you have to change the floppy-chip on the Lisa I/O-Board. It's the 2732 EPROM. Pull it out carefully and replace it to the 800k-drive chip with the apple number 341-8003. This EEPROM supports up to 800 k drives.

This information is only for use, when you want to test your Lisa, or your original floppy is no more longer available...

> - does this drive then work with the Lisa OS?
I really never checked that, cause I use to repair the non-working drives instead of replacing them by newer ones :-)
> - can one then use HD floppies reliably (although at 800k)?
Well, James nor I checked this. I normally use "modificated" HD floppies, like Ray wrote. All taped, to convince the drives to use them as DD.
> - is any specific I/O board ROM required?
not really, but it works very slow :-)

greetings from TOM from Bavaria, the country of the alps, the marvellous castles of Koenig Ludwig and the original octoberfest...and much more

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