Re: Download Lisa Office System (disk images) that are not serialized

From: Jason Perkins <perkins.jason_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 12:53:03 -0500

I've had good results writing 400k disks in 800k drives.

On 11/1/06, Jerome Vernet <vernet.jerome_at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> Jason Perkins a écrit :
> >I've had mixed results. But if you want to increase the
> > chances that the image will write properly, use a lower density disk.
> And a lower density drive... None of my Lisa can read 400k disk writen
> on 1.44 superdrive (although my Apple IIgs can read these disk). I use a
> SE/30 and an external 800k drive (take from my IIgs), and it's working
> very well.
> I recently get a 400k drive -the Mac 128 one !-, but cannot make it
> working with my SE/30.
> Jerome
> >

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