Re: Xenix for Lisa

From: Andreas_210 <katertom01_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 19:19:41 -0700

That seems to be a hard job for me.
LisaEm reports convertinfg the File "Xenix OS Boot Floppy.dart" :
"Could not open this Floppy! Sorry! Disk Image closed or no memory
allocated to it"
Trying the file : "Xenix OS Floppy 1.dart" LisaEm quits itself and a DC42 file with 1.01MB is generated.
Using the Command line with lisafsh-tool there are similar problems.

"Xenix OS Boot Floppy.dart" : Cannot recognize this disk image as a
valid DC42 or DART (Fast-Compressed) image :10

"Xenix OS Floppy 1.dart" : The command line quits and leaves a 1.01MB
DC42 file.
A Windows popup says, that lisafsh-tool has an error occured and has to be closed.

Ive tried do expand the expand the file (containing the 14 Images) with Stuffit for Windows, Winrar and with MacZip1.06 on a real Mac.

All with the same result.

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