Re: Patching Xenix with the X/ProFile patches using lisafsh-tool

From: Andreas_210 <katertom01_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 15:00:33 -0700

[James MacPhail wrote:]

> Those are some of the symptoms of an unpatched (or, I suppose, a
> partially/incorrectly patched) xenix boot disk. (This is not exclusively an
> X/ProFile problem: if the patches are not applied, the handshake errors can
> also occur with a real Apple ProFile.)

I agree. Ive tested an unmodified Xenix bootdisk with my real widget drive. That seems to be OK, because no errors.

> >Then XProFile 7seg. Display doesnt run along the outer 6 segments any
> >longer, it runs / flashes around the left 4 segments in circles.
> >Cant find that in the operation manual.
> There is a brief description of the chase sequences in "Run Mode Display"
> on page 18 of the X/ProFile Operation Manual. I apologize for making that
> hard to find.

Youre right. Ive found it, now. Thanks ! Ive just taken a look at the pictures and didnt read all yesterday

> Suggestions:
> 1) If you applied the patches with the original set of lisafsh commands
> that had the typos, I suggest you should start over with a fresh image of
> the boot disk (rather than try to undo the incorrect changes).

Ive done that every time.

> 2) When using FEdit, it is easy to forget to "write" your changes to disk.
> This must be done for each modified sector before viewing another sector or
> your changes are lost.
> To verify all your changes were written, open the disk in FEdit again, and
> perform each of the 4 searches. When FEdit finds any of the search strings
> on the patched disk, then that indicates a change that was not
> performed/written.
> Since FEdit searches only from the currently-displayed sector to the end of
> the disk, you should go back to the first sector before looking for a new
> search string.
> As a double-check, you could also search for the replacement strings and
> count the number of times they appear (if the count does not match the
> number of changes required, then it seems likely that a data entry error
> occurred).

Ive tried it with FEdit a third time, now. And Ive doen it using lisafsh-tool with the offsets changed. Ive taken the modified and the unmodified DC42 Images and took a look into them for comparing using HexEdit.
Everything seems to be allright, but in every case I get the same result (Handshake err)

> 3) Another source of communication failure is a bad data cable/connection.
> If you check another CF card/STAR and find that the Lisa can still boot/run
> from it, then this obviously isn't the problem. If you don't have another
> CF card to test, then double-check the data cable is fully connected at
> each end and undamaged.

Ive some other CF cards and this Card I want to use for Xenix still boots LOS2.0 very well.
Also Ive erased an other card in the XProFile with success. But booting Xenix : Same result.

At the moment I dont have any more ideas ...


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