Re: Patching Xenix with the X/ProFile patches using lisafsh-tool

From: James MacPhail <gg__at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 16:52:18 -0700

>Ive tried it with FEdit a third time, now.
>Everything seems to be allright, but in every case I get the same
>result (Handshake err)

Another issue with Lisa xenix is that xenix assumes the size of the ProFile corresponds to the type of Lisa:

  1. if your Lisa's built-in parallel port is in the drive cage area (NOT beside the serial connectors on the back panel), then you must use a 10MB drive with xenix. If your X/ProFile is emulating a 5MB ProFile instead, then xenix will report errors as it tries to access sectors beyond the limit of the 5MB drive.
  2. if your Lisa's built-in parallel port is on the back panel (beside the serial connectors), then you must use a 5MB drive with xenix. I don't recall the symptoms/problems of using a 10MB drive instead, but I suspect that xenix creates a subtle problem with the directory structure.
  3. for drives connected to a dual parallel port expansion card, 5MB drives seem to be expected by xenix, but there may be a way to configure it to use 10MB drives as well.

The details of how to configure the X/ProFile to emulate a 10MB ProFile using a 32MB CF card are rather dry and technical, so I have sent them to Andreas_210 separately.

HTH, James

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