Re: New version of LisaEm up for downloads

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 14:57:51 -0500

Jerome Vernet (Orange) wrote:
> Hum, that's not so good.... With the Mac version I found on
> (compiled for 10.3.7), the mouse doesn't work and it
> don't boot any of my profile image (wich work with previous version).
I found the mouse issue: this is caused by it not properly initializing the skins. Before powering on the Lisa,pull down the Display Menu and click on the Skins On or Skins Off menu item. Well, this assumes that it will work despite the video sizing issue you're running into. :-( But that's what breaks the mouse since it doesn't know where the mouse is relative to the skin's CRT location.

It's not going to be able to boot off old profiles because the PRAM is different. To fix this, you'll have to find the preferences files for both of them and copy the PRAM lines from the old emulator's preferences to the new one - that *MIGHT* work. Received on 2007-03-14 14:57:52

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