Re: [lisaem] 1.0.0 RC 1 is now available for download

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2007 11:23:04 -0400

Ray Arachelian wrote:
> It seems to run ok on my G4 (1.4Ghz) mini, however I have to shut down
> skins and change the display refresh rate to 12Hz or 8Hz, please try
> that and let me know. On a 500Mhz G4 it is even slower, but with those
> mode settings (skins off, 12Hz or better 8Hz refresh) it's workable.
Actually don't use the 8Hz in this version, I missed a bit of code, so it reverts back to 60Hz. Please use the 12Hz option for G4's. Will be fixed in RC2, etc.

If you want to compile the fix yourself to enable 8Hz:

It's around like 1500 in lisaem_wx.cpp - the following if statement was missing the "refresh_rate!=7*REFRESHRATE &&"

  if ( refresh_rate!=7*REFRESHRATE  && refresh_rate!=5*REFRESHRATE  &&
       refresh_rate!=3*REFRESHRATE  && refresh_rate!=  REFRESHRATE)
                                       refresh_rate =  REFRESHRATE;

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