Re: 1.0.0 RC 1 is now available for download

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2007 09:47:27 -0400

Jerome Vernet (Orange) wrote:
>> The problem with enabling Core Graphics instead of Quicktime is that it
>> will try to double-anti-alias the images making them look very ugly -
>> you'll get vertical stripes, and it also seems to slow the blits down
>> even more. :-(
> Hi,
> I see for the bug with Core Graphics. Is it a wxWidget bug ?
Hi Jerome,

It could well be. I'm not sure what turns on the aliasing that causes the vertical lines for the Blit method when Core Graphics is used, but there's no way to turn it off - there's no options for the wxBitmap, nor for the wxDC to shut that off, and it only happens on the Macs. So far the only way to disable it is not to use Core Graphics.

> Late in the night, I rebuild wxWidget 2.7.2, with
> ./configure --enable-optimise --with-opengl --disable-shared --enable-sdl
> With CORE Graphics disabled
> Then, I rebuild again Lisaem. And I got a working, fast enough, Lisasem
> build. No more colored wheel for 2-3 minutes before boot. No more
> colored wheel when switching from lisaem to another app. Low CPU usage
> (even at 16 Mhz). Shutdown is still slow and show the colored wheel for
> 10sec.
Wow! That's wonderful! I actually reworked the entire timing mechanism to not use wxMillisleep anymore, which probably raises CPU utilization by a bit. I was compiling with 2.8.3 which is the latest and greatest "stable" release. I'll go back to 2.7.2 for PPC Mac's and see how the new code behaves there before I decide which way to go. I'm using neither OpenGL, nor SDL, so I'm not sure if there's code inside of wxWidgets that will make use of it.

Did you have to download an SDL library before you were able to compile?

> Lisaem report, at max speed, 53Mhz. That pretty curious, but seems to
> rely to wxWidget performances....
It does. Almost everything that LisaEm does (except for file I/O for the profiles/floppies) goes through wxWidgets, so it relies on it being optimized and stable.
> There is no screen update when typing, like windows version (try in
> LisaWrite: nothing appear when you type, move the mouse to refresh).
I think I can probably fix this. I've noticed this for the raw keyboard. Are you using raw or is it happening on ASCII as well? I'm not 100% sure but I think this is a bug in my code, not related to wxWidgets... some sort of flag needs to be set to let the COPS know that there's data.

i.e. an IRQ isn't getting generated properly, so it buffers a bunch of keys, then when you move the mouse, the IRQ signals the cops which notices both the mouse movement and the new keys.

> I also try with the latest wxWidget CVS (2.8.2), but Lisaem doesn't want
> to build (build errors on wxPrintDialog).
It built on mine, however I downloaded the full latest stable package of wxAll, not wxMac. I've had serious issues with the prepackaged ones for specific systems - I think mostly with early wxX11, so I've stuck with the All versions. I think this is the link for the one I downloaded:

Try that one if you want to play with 2.8.3.

So meanwhile I'll see about going back to 2.7.x - note that with 2.7. the file picker dialog boxes (picking a ROM file, or inserting a floppy) might be broken and might causes crashes, so you'll want to test those before using versions compiled with 2.7.x.

Thank you again for all the help, that was very useful. Received on 2007-04-07 09:47:30

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