LisaEm on SPARC

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 14:58:31 -0400

toby wrote:
> Gotcha. SunOS 4 was my first UNIX. These days I've formed a very
> favourable impression of Solaris 10 and what I call "the New Sun",
> trialling a couple of Sun Fire X2100s. Does this mean you'll be
> porting LisaEm to Solaris? Maybe I can help with amd64s at work, and
> E450 at home.

I have a v220 clone at home, but it's a hell of hungry beast so I normally keep it powered off to prevent my power bill from getting out of hand. I could compile LisaEm there and see if it starts. Last time I tried on an Ultra it crashed fairly early in the process - likely due to endian issues, but that was before all of the wxWidgets stuff.

I suspect that since it works on a G4, it should work on a SPARC as well since they're both big endian. But then, there's endian and there's endian.

If you start playing with bit fields within structs, you'll find that the same compiler produces different results on different architectures outside even if they have the same endianess. So there may be issues in that area.

I haven't heard much in the way of requests to do SPARC versions except for, well, myself and one other (Hi Steve!). :-) My reasons for a SPARC versions are to fix possible endian issues mostly anyway.

I probably should see about resurrecting one of the alphastations and throwing linux on it to see if it'll work there too. Haven't played with the old alpha-bits in many years, but that was the very very first place I started coding for LisaEm.

I've got an Indy as well, but I really don't think I want to try compiling on an Indy. I forget what it is, but likely ~100Mhz with only ~128M. Life's too short to wait that long for gcc. :-) Received on 2007-04-25 14:58:33

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