Re: Lisa Office System images to floppy via PC?

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 06:24:57 -0500

NateSpin wrote:
> It's Alive!

Congrats! :-)
> Ok, so over the last few weeks I managed to get a bit of ageing mac
> hardware. I picked up a Power Macinosh 7200/75 w/out a keyboard,
> mouse or monitor. Later I found a Apple Multiscan 15AV display and a
> keyboard and mouse. Though in order to get the keyboard, mouse and
> screen I had to pick up Macintosh Quadra 950 (w/ 128 MB RAM), a HP
> ScanJet 4C Scanner and a bunch of parts which include a Quadra 900 and
> a 950 motherboard. So my once 1/2 empty office is now getting quite
> crowded.

Hang on to the Quadra's - you might find yourself wanting to run A/UX, those will do that.
> When I installed the LOS, it asked me if I wanted to partition the HD
> for MacXL, so I split the drive in 1/2. Is there a 20MB widget HD???

Nope, just 10MB.
> As, I gave 10 to LOS and 10 for MacXL, maybe the numbers weren't in
> MB. After installing all the apps, if I look at the attributes for
> the "Internal Hard Disk" it says the "Total Blocks : 9418".

The blocks are 512 bytes each, so you gave each 5MB.
> I also plugged in my external Profile HD. It appears to be recognized
> by LOS as it shows up as a "disk" with "Total blocks: 9690", but it
> can also be booted from into Lisa Workshop. Is it partitioned into
> 2???

Yeah, that's a 5MB ProFile.
> Anyways, all is well in Lisa land except 2 things. I have been trying
> to download MacWorksXL3.0 and MacWorksXL3.0 System Disk from The
> Mothership, and though I can download them fine on my 7200, Stuffit
> always reports that the headers are corrupt and then locks up the 7200
> when trying to extract them. Anybody experienced problems with these
> images???

I've seen bad disk images all over. I don't recall if those are specifically good or bad. So you'll have to dig a bit. Keep in mind you need two disks, so it's possible to have just one bad out of the pair. There's a "Boot" disk which is MacWorks itself, and a System Disk which is really a version of the Macintosh System disk. (Since I wrote LisaEm, legally, it's much worse for me than someone else, if I tell you where to get a copy of MacWorks, so I'll have to keep quiet about that. :-)

> The 2nd issue I have remaining is repairing my Lisa's keyboard. As
> is, I have to opperate the keyboard with the keys off. If I use my
> fingers directly on the contacts, everything works fine, but 1/2 the
> foam behind the keys is defunct and need to be replace.

That's not too hard. You can easily replace the foam with double sided foam tape. If the mylar like disks are broken, it's a bit harder, but you can cut out equivalent sized disks from aluminum foil as long as you cover it in tape (I used Scotch tape - first tape both sides of a square of aluminum foil, then find a similar sized diameter cylinder for an outline and cut a round out for each broken key.) It's vital that you don't let aluminum touch the key pads as it will short out and damage the keyboard!

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