Re: Definitive guide for writing Lisa disk images to floppies

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 18:42:28 -0500

Peter wrote:
> Thanks for the info Ray.
> Sorry about the multiple posts. Didn't realize this group was
> moderated
> and didn't see the posts appear immediately ...
> Ok, I've looked through all the files I've gotten from the Mothership,
> Raul's archive, and
> I see the following types:
> .image/.img: Some of these show as type "NDIF Disk Image" in Leopards

> Kind
> column the Finder. Is this a Disk Copy 4.2 file? Searching for "NDIF
> Disk
> Image" in Google seems to indicate a Disk Copy 6+ file type. Do I
> just need
> to change the type and creator to indicate Disk Copy 4.2?

Assume that they're DC 4.2, if they're not, they're useless. As long as you can use them on a real Lisa, that's all that matters.

> (no extension): I have some of these that are listed as a "DART Disk
> Image" kind. Can this be natively opened by Disk Copy 4.2 or will I
> have to convert?

Only DART can be used to restore DART files, however, lisafsh-tool (or LisaEm) can convert them.
Disk Copy 4.2 cannot open DART files. Disk copy 6.x will convert from DART to Disk Copy, but will strip away the tags, so it's not useful for Lisa images.

Download LisaEm. There are command line tools that will give you more details:

lisafsh-tool will convert DART to DC42 automatically. lisadiskinfo will tell you what kind of files they are - if it can figure it out.

i.e. echo "quit" | ./lisafsh-tool filename.dart will convert the file to Disk Copy 4.2. (Or "inserting" the DART image into LisaEm.) You'll then need to transfer the .dc42 version of the file to your PowerMac and change the file creator/types and restore them to disks with Disk Copy 4.2.

> .archive: No type shown in the Finder. What are these?

no idea either. Could be anything. Received on 2009-02-18 18:42:29

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