Re: UniPlus UNIX: oops...

From: -jeffB <jeff.brandenburg_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 18:46:24 -0800 (PST)

> I would say cancel the auction until you can make disk images, and
> re-list it once you have made the images. Disk Copy 4.2 or DART on a Mac
> with a built-in floppy drive (but not a New World or x86 Mac with a USB
> floppy drive) will work. Any later version of Disk Copy will not work,
> since the later versions discard tags, which Lisas require for booting
> (and LisaOS uses them in its filesystem).

I don't want to cancel the auction, partly because of the money at stake, but mostly because I don't want to alienate my bidders. However, I do have a couple of old Macs (heh), including a Mac II with an 800K floppy drive. I seem to recall that the newer 1.4MB drives weren't compatible -- perhaps it was that 400K or 800K disks formatted on such a drive weren't reliable on a native 400K or 800K drive. (I wonder if I have any blank low-density media? If not, it's certainly well past time to copy whatever's on those disks to modern media, and then maybe I can recycle some of them.)

I'm not sure I expect the Mac II to boot, either, after all this time, but I have various resources I can bring to bear on the problem. The hardest step will be clearing enough space to set it up.

Hmm... how am I going to get Disk Copy 4.2 onto the Mac II, which has no Ethernet, from a MacBook that has no floppy or AppleTalk? I guess the 8600 could write a floppy that the Mac II's SuperDrive (remember dual-floppy systems?) could read. This is getting more complicated... but not unworkable.

I just hope the Uniplus copy-control system doesn't rely on holes burned in the disk, or something equally repulsive and hard to emulate.

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