Re: UniPlus UNIX: oops...

From: Andrew Warkentin <andreww_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 01:43:48 -0700

James MacPhail wrote:

>1) Make good backups of the disks (Using DiskCopy 4.2 -- not a later
>version, on a 68k or PowerPC Mac as previously suggested) and scan the
>instructions, and then either share or sell the copies. I think this is
>unlikely to substantially reduce the value of the originals. Someone will
>have to do the de-serializing work so it can be installed on another Lisa,
>but "we have people" that can do that.
>2) To maximize your revenue: cancel the auction due to an error in the
>listing, and then separate the value of the UniPlus software from the
>hardware. (I believe this will maximize your return, but can't say for

>Then spend some time verifying the disks do indeed install properly; if you
>don't have time to do this yourself, I expect you can find some trustworthy
>Lisa folks willing to help.
>3) Obtain a second Lisa Video PROM (which contains the Lisa's serial
>number), and sell the working Lisa 2 with that, but not with the UniPlus
>4) Sell the original UniPlus disks, instructions, and the video PROM with
>the matching serial number as a separate auction (with no Lisa). You might
>want to include the ProFile with the working installation.
>Good Luck!
Also, you should try to make an image of the ProFile if at all possible (although that might be difficult, but maybe you could cat/dd the drive to a serial port under UniPlus).

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