Re: [LisaEm] disk sizes, organization, and bugs. (was Re: [LisaEm]LisaCalc not working)

From: Hex Star <hexstar_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2007 18:08:56 -0800

On 2/4/07, Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> Jerome Vernet (Orange) wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Does anybody have success in running LisaCalc under LisaEm ? For me,
> > LisaCalc never start, LisaEm seems to loop (CPU speed goes to 32Mhz,
> > then nothing. The mouse pointer still move).
> >
> Wow! That's strange. I'm able to run LisaCalc 3.1 with the Getting
> Started sample spreadsheet. So it might be something else. (i.e. might
> not be just in LisaCalc, but might also show up elsewhere.) It could be
> a bad LisaCalc disk too, but it's less likely.
> > LOS 3.1/LisaCalc 3.0
> >
> > It may be because the Emulated Porfile is full. How create a 10Mb
> Profile ??
> >
> Not very likely, I have plenty of space on my 5M profile. Well, quite
> likely if you told it to share the profile with MacWorks.
> If you want both MacWorks and LOS, you should create separate
> configurations. That is use the Open/Save Preferences commands under
> the File Menu. Create a config for MacWorks, another for Lisa Office
> System, and another for Lisa Pascal Workshop. The emulator will
> remember which one was last used and will open that one, but you can
> change it with the Open command.
> Each configuration should have its own different ProFile drive. i.e.
> profile-mw.dc42, profile-los.dc42, profile-lpw.dc42.
> If you have the dual parallel rom, you can enable one or more of the
> slots to dualparallel and attach a profile drive to get more space that
> way.
> Otherwise, you'll have to manually create a 10M disk image. Please note
> that I've not tested these. You can also use LisaFSH tool (from inside
> Terminal) to create an empty 10M profile drive like this:
> echo "quit" | lisafsh-tool --new lisaem-profile10.dc42 10M
> Then use the Preferences to pick the 10M file instead. There's no
> option in the current version of the emulator to pick a profile size,
> since it creates them automatically if they don't exist. I'll add that
> to the list.
> We should have a new release fairly soon, doesn't look like we're ready
> for a release this week, there's some UI cleanup to be done still, and I
> want to release the source code along with it. I'll add the profile
> sizing option to the list of TODO's. My next big piece is printing, so
> likely will wait until that's added too.
> There's also a very stupid bug in wxSounds where you must write an
> actual WAV file to the disk or else it won't play properly. It does
> play on Windows, but nowhere else if you play from memory. Even if you
> do have it in memory, it must be a proper WAV file with all of the
> headers of a WAV file, you can't just say, play this buffer, it's 4 bit
> wide, 11Khz, mono for example. Very dumb. So likely will pull out the
> compiled in WAV files and store them to the disk. This is fine under OS
> X since you can hide resources inside the, and ok under
> windows since the WAV's can be stored as resources inside the
> executable, but not all that easy for linux, which will need an
> installer to put stuff in say, /usr/local/share/lisaem for example.
> Here's the log of changes made so far since the 2007.01.28 release.
> These fixes, and others, will be in the next version:
> 2007.02.03 - cheat_ram_test now a preference - speeds up startup tests
> for H ROM.
> - if starting without ROM, dialogbox is shown, then
> preferences are shown asking for config.
> - bug fixed: after closing preferences, re-opening them
> caused segfault.
> - finer speed control - much closer.
> 2007.02.02 - fixed floppy insert on power off
> - fixed floppy trapping on insert of non-DC42/bad disk image.
> - fixed "Clock is not set" dialog box
> - fixed ContrastTrails (linx/win32)
> 2007.02.01 - fixed raw keyboard entry - but CPU clock is still too fast,
> so getting key repeats occasionally.
> 2007.01.31 - fixed bug causing random crashes, mostly during LOS
> install. Was off-by-one array overflow related
> to ReDraw_* fn's.
> 2007.01.29 - DART images can now be opened.
> One question I have: how well did MacWorks work for you guys and which
> version did you use? Early on, I was able to install MacWorks, but
> always had to boot off the floppy, even to start from the profile. Was
> I using the wrong version of MacWorks perhaps?
> >
I've used MacWorks XL 3.0 with a Finder 4 system disk successfully...btw, is there a installer for MacWorks that installs it to a profile or does it just boot off a floppy like the image I found does? Also how can you make MacWorks system disks for newer systems like system 6? thanks! :-)

P.S. Having the ability to choose the size of the profiles would definetly be nice...what would also be nice is to be able to choose between teh profile being just made as big as the size chosen or to have it start out big but grow as more stuff is installed to it like VMware/parallels does...(and for choosing the size it'd be nice if it was a text box where you could type in a number instead of being limited to choosing from a menu or drop down menu...)...keep up the great work! :D

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