Re: Lisa 2/10 power supply keeps blowing fuses, help?

From: Patrick Garber <patnukem_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 18:22:31 -0500

I had some sugestions on some of them the electrolytic ones I can get on my own the ones that are tuff are the ones that are square, I have never had to deal with these kinds so I am a bit confused on the right ones to get. It was suggested to get the ones I asked about in this thread But wanted to double check before I get parts that "might " be a good substitution.

On Apr 12, 2007, at 3:44 PM, simon wrote:

> On 12-apr-07, at 22:26, Patrick Garber wrote:
>> are there any caps that are the same as the 2/5 power supply, mine
>> is at least partially working but not sure if its complete, would
>> also like to see a list of caps for the lisa 2/5 power supply
> there is a schematic of the apple 120W power supply around. but the
> best thing would be take apart your power supply and remove and note
> every capacitor you see. especially the bigger ones and the ones near
> the line connector and coils. with the bigger ones, note the + and -.
> the - is marked with a white stripe on the side of the cap, and
> most of
> the times the drawings on the pcb (silkscreen) indicate the + and the
> part number (c1...c20) then you can make a list yourself to publish
> here. reading the values is sometimes cumbersome. if you see .1/250 it
> means 0.1 F 250Volt DC. but be careful. sometimes it is marked with
> something like 250~ which means AC. in that case, go for a high
> voltage
> cap for at least 600V DC. Modern caps are smaller that the older ones
> for the same values.
> the bigger caps come in two variaties: with wires on opposite sides
> and
> on same sides. keep that in mind when ordering yours
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