Re: Backup a Widget ?

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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 09:21:00 +0100

I do have a similar issue with my Lisa.
The LOS 7/7 3.1D is only installed on the external Profile, The Lisa has a internal Wifget drive.
I had no chance to get the installation disks fpr LOS 7/7 3.1D (german), Actual the Profile is getting worse, nice sound becomming louder, Just to summerize, the idea is to copy by drag an drop the whole drive on the other drive,
and this will copy the LOS , bootable too ? Greetings

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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 07:28:23 +0100
Subject: Re: Backup a Widget ?
From: "Jason Perkins"
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You have to use the Apple D command to duplicate the file. If you do that to the disk icon it will give you a blinking disk, then you can drag that blinking icon to the copy destination.

On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 12:28 AM, Andreas_210  wrote:

> Do you have a dual parallel port card?

No, unfortunately not yet. But I´ll see if I can get one.

Drag and drop doesn´t work like a copy function here. If I drag and drop a file to floppy is is deleted at it´s source place.

Using Macworks XL the files are duplicated then. But LOS 7/7 they´re moved.


On 9 Mrz., 19:34, Ray Arachelian  wrote:
> Andreas_210 wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I´ve bought a 10MB Widget drive for my Lisa 2/10 for spare.
> > This drive has a german LOS 7/7 version installed,  I want to
> > this to my X/ProFile.
> > I don´t have the install disks.
> > Is there any chance to backup and restore the harddisk ?
> Do you have a dual parallel port card?  If you do, attach the
> to one of the external ports after setting up a partition for it
for 10MB.
> Boot off the Widget drive, it should see the new blank 10MB
> allow LOS to initialize it.
> Then, drag the icon of the Widget over to the X/Profile volume.
> should initiate a volume backup.  I don't recall of the top of
my head
> if this will make it bootable or not, but it's worth a try at
least - in
> any case this is how you perform a backup to floppies, so
hopefully LOS
> will honor that.


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