Re: Backup a Widget ?

From: Andrew Warkentin <andreww_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 03:14:28 -0600

uwe.krull_at_email.domain.hidden wrote:

>I do have a similar issue with my Lisa.
>The LOS 7/7 3.1D is only installed on the external Profile, The Lisa has
>a internal Wifget drive.
>I had no chance to get the installation disks fpr LOS 7/7 3.1D (german),
>Actual the Profile is getting worse, nice sound becomming louder,
>Just to summerize, the idea is to copy by drag an drop the whole drive
>on the other drive,
>and this will copy the LOS , bootable too ?
You cannot create a bootable installation of LisaOS (the Lisa Operating System, on top of which the Office System runs) from the Office System. You can only access Office System files (i.e. tools, documents, and stationery) from the Office System. LisaOS system files (kernel, drivers, boot blocks, etc.) and other "non-Office System" files aren't accessible from the Office System. They could be copied with the Workshop, since it also runs on top of LisaOS, but I'm not sure if you can install boot blocks from it.

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