Re: uniplus disks imaged

From: gilles <gilles.fetis_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 07:51:04 -0700 (PDT)

> I think we're all just making random guesses here without knowing what's
> going on.  I think the best approach is to do a trace of the execution
> of the kernel during and after load to see what it is actually doing.

all reverse engeneering is a bit li

>  From the docs that I've read, the installation first takes the
> serialization diskette and converts it into the first boot disk.  We
> don't have the virgin serialization diskette, we have a serialized one,
> whose serial number check I BRAnched out of.

I could not find another serial number read but it is not a proof, serial number may
be stored in RAM during boot.

> There's a second one, also called the root disk that must be copied to
> the hard drive after the installer disk copies the boot code to the
> profile.  But we don't know exactly what's supposed to happen with that
> disk or after that.  We do know the disks after the first two are all in
> tar format, so if there's some missing file, copying those files will
> probably help.  But that's all we know so far.

we have a bit more information than this. when the emulator gets stuck, we have something that appears to be the kernel in context 0
And a very little data in context 1 with this string "/etc/init" The PC is in an endless loop in this context 1 that seems "normal" The keyboard is still responsive.
The shutdown command is correctly handled. An interrupt vector handles IRQ6 for serial events.

> The fact that this doesn't install on a real Lisa is a problem, as it
> means there's some corruption or damage on the file system level that
> needs to be found and fixed -- unless of course there are further serial
> number checks, or some sort of checksum test that fails against the
> piece of code I've modified.
> 1.2.6 doesn't run UniPlus's installer too well, but the various backups
> I have of older 1.3.0's without this bug, are able boot the installer
> disk just fine but fail to install the profile.  I do have delays in the
> profile code, so I don't think it's failing because it's too fast.  I
> think that the order of certain events is slightly off enough to cause
> it to fail in UniPlus - either that or there's a problem with the VIA
> code...  But first things first...

I've searched a bit in my CVS repository. In fact the update that made Xenix
work correctly was made on the cpu core, IRQ auto acknoledgment support

was the problem. Also, Xenix does not install on a profile that already have
a XENIX system partly installed... but it seems a Xenix bug, not an emulator bug.

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