Re: Rotated Lisa Screen

From: alker <r.brandstoetter_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 03:13:24 -0700 (PDT)

guys.. thank you very much - it worked perfectly! I did it during the monitor was fired up.. I used a plastic tool to adjust.. not to touch the coil ;-)

I'd like to tell you a short Lisa story - let me know what you think:

some weeks ago I visited an old apple dealer in germany (he said he was the first apple dealer in germany, he also knows steve jobs and bill gates personally because he met them back in the early 80s ;-) well, he was cleaning out his office and he sold me some Lisa parts (non working widgets, Lisa 2 I/O board, non working profile, 400k drives, ...).. when we spoke about Lisas (he said he ever sold 3 Apple III and around 50 Lisas in germany) he said that he had a Low Level format software for low level formatting an internal Widget disk!!!

Wow, that's it I thought.. but he could not find the disk. He said that in the early 80s he was very often in the US attending dealer meetings and there they often got un-official software like the Widget low level format utilities... last week he mailed me that he sold a bunch of Lisa disks to a swiss guy.. and the Widget low level format utility disk must have been under this disks.. he will pass me the contact data of the swiss guy the next days...

Well, I said that there is now Widget low level format utility known to exist oficially.. but he swore by his heart that it exists and that he used it... I'll keep you updated! and if I should get this holy grail of Lisa software I'll of course provide it to the community...

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