Note #2 - moving LEM elists

From: Dan Knight <dknight_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 16:44:54 -0400

UPDATED: The previous message did not include the PowerBooks list (oops), nor was it sent to our newest list, X-List.

I am moving the Low End Mac elists to MacLists effective Tuesday evening, August 1. I am asking everyone to subscribe with the new list server before that -- and also to refrain from posting to the new lists until Tuesday evening. At that time I will redirect current email to the new list address, but if you haven't resubscribed, your postings will bounce.

The primary reason is the consistently troublesome Internet access available through AT&T @Home cable service. I want these lists running reliably. They can't with an unreliable Internet connection.

There are some advantages to moving to MacLists, including:

I will be finalizing the move on Tuesday evening, so you have just under a week to sign up for the list(s) of your choice. The process is quite simple.

To subscribe, send email to listname_at_email.domain.hidden, choosing the correct "listname" from the following list:

  1st-powermacs     pre-PCI Power Macs
  apple2list        Apple II 
  compact.macs      Compact Macs
  g-list            G3/G4/Cube
  imac-list         iMacs
  lisalist          Lisa
  lowendmac         general interest Mac list
  mac-canada        formerly Mac-Can
  macinschool       back from the dead
  macnetwork        formerly Mac-Net
  mac.webmasters    Mac Webmasters
  max-list          Unix/Linux/BSD on Macs
  outback.mac       for Australians & New Zealanders
  pci-powermacs     pre-G3 PCI Power Macs
* powerbooks        PowerBooks  
  quadlist          68040-based Macs
  supermacs         Umax SuperMacs
  vintage.macs      pre-68040 Macs
  x-list            Mac OS X

For instance, to subscribe to PowerBooks, send email to <powerbooks-on_at_email.domain.hidden>. (You will be asked to confirm your request -- our way of keeping spammers off the list.)

Postings will be sent to <listname_at_email.domain.hidden>

To switch to single messages, send email to <listname-feed_at_email.domain.hidden>

To switch to digest mode, send email to <listname-digest_at_email.domain.hidden>

To receive just the digest index, send email to <listname-index_at_email.domain.hidden>

To get off the list, send email to <listname-off_at_email.domain.hidden>

You can also use the Web interface to set up a personal account with MacLaunch, then join lists, change mode, etc.

All in all, I think you'll appreciate the change. Just remember: plain text only.

Dan the listmom

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