new Lisa owner questions

From: Kevin Selkowitz <kselkowitz_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 19:30:38 -0700

While this is no doubt an uncommon occurrence, I happened to recently acquire a working Lisa. Being new to the Lisa I have a number of questions...
  1. My Lisa has 2MB of RAM and a 20MB disk (3.5 inch drive floppy) and no Lisa it a Lisa 1,2, or Mac XL?
  2. There is a weird dark mesh stuff over the screen, I found it can be removed by popping off the front panel. The screen is clearer but I'm afraid it may be there for a safety reason...what is it???
  3. Currently the Lisa is running OS 6, I'm thinking about putting 7 on, will that work? I'd also like to try out the original Lisa OS and apps package, can the Lisa dual boot (and how)? For that matter I don't have the software either, a minor setback...
  4. What do people do with their Lisas??? While owning a piece of history is cool, I'm curious if people still use them. -- Kevin Selkowitz

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