Re: new Lisa owner questions

From: James MacPhail <uo957_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 19:40:55 -0700

Hi Kevin,

>1) My Lisa has 2MB of RAM and a 20MB disk (3.5 inch drive floppy) and no
>Lisa it a Lisa 1,2, or Mac XL?

Not a Lisa 1, but a Lisa 2 or Mac XL. Most would call it a Mac XL.

>2) There is a weird dark mesh stuff over the screen, I found it can be
>removed by popping off the front panel. The screen is clearer but I'm
>afraid it may be there for a safety reason...what is it???

It is a glare filter; it is not a safety device (aside from eye strain :-) You may remove it if you wish.

>3) Currently the Lisa is running OS 6, I'm thinking about putting 7 on, will
>that work? I'd also like to try out the original Lisa OS and apps package,
>can the Lisa dual boot (and how)? For that matter I don't have the software
>either, a minor setback...

You can only run Macintosh System 7 with MacWorks Plus II, which you likely don't have. (If you do have MacWorks Plus II, there will be a small daughterboard on your I/O board with one large chip and a few small chips on it, and a couple of wires with clips on their ends attached to the I/O board)

The Lisa will dual boot, how you set it up depends on the software you install. For the most part it is set up by the installer. Although you have to install the Lisa 7/7 Office System and Lisa Workshop on the hard disk, you can always boot MacWorks from a floppy.

Good luck.


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