Re: dual boot questions and floppy disks?

From: Chuck Simmons <numa_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 09:16:46 -0400

To procure a power supply, you might want to try eBay or one of the other online auctions. I picked one up last year for something like $40. It was even new in the Apple Service box, complete with factory seal. Woo-hoo! As for the 400K floppies, any single- or double-sided double-density diskettes will do, just remember to format them in your Lisa (or as a single-sided disk on an old Mac). In PC-compatible language, these are the 720K diskettes, superceded by the 1.44MB high-density diskettes which are currently used. A source for these may be RadioShack (they might still sell them, they did 6 months ago), or some oldies in a yard sale or flea market. The best way to tell the two types of diskettes apart is that there is only one rectangular hole (the write-protect tab) towards the edge of the double-density disk, whereas the high-density disks have the write-protect tab and another rectangular hole for the media sensor to detect the presence of the high-capacity drive.

Just remember:

Double-density formatted capacity = 800K (Mac), 400K (Lisa), or 720K (PC) High-density formatted capacity = 1.44MB (PC or Mac, aka SuperDrive)


> Where did you find the Lisa OS online? I have some of the floppies
> and could make up two sets as well as one :-) If I can get past the
> rolling screen, I will need an OS to try and get mine running.
> Anyone know where to get a power supply?
> >Hi everyone, a few more questions from the newbie. I've discovered my
> >machine has two hard drives, one which I assume was the original and
> >attached to a SCSI card. Every time I boot the system starts up Mac OS 6
> >then asks about formatting the other drive, I have no clue what is on the
> >other drive so I haven't reformatted it. Could the system already be set
> >for dual boot and I just don't know how to switch (how do you switch?).
> >
> >If not I'd like to install whatever the original Lisa OS is called (I
> >it online) but I can't find the proper floppies, the Lisa takes 400k
> >floppies right? Where can those be bought???
> >--
> >Kevin Selkowitz

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