Re: COPS 421 info

From: James MacPhail <uo957_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 14:30:03 -0700

Hi Chuck,

I have a marginal quality hardcopy of the datasheet printed from microfiche; given some time, I could scan it if you don't find something better.

I too would like a copy of the COPS firmware/source code, although I doubt it is around.

Good luck!


>Just wondering if anyone on the list has any information about the COPS 421
>microcontroller on the I/O board. I have an I/O board that gives me boot
>error 52 and I have been unable to find any information on the Internet
>about it. Datasheets, timing diagrams, a copy of the firmware (if there is

>any), or any other tidbits would be most appreciated. I suspect that C36
>may be bad instead of the COPS, but I haven't tested the capacitor yet. If
>the COPS does turn up to be the culprit, I will try to kludge an emulation
>of it using another microcontroller and of course make the hack available to
>everyone on the list as I hear this is a common problem with Lisas.

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