Warped Mouse, CRT

From: Robert Ian Axford <admin_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 13:13:16 +1200

Hi all,

new Lisa owner and new list member all in one here. I've just finished giving my Lisa 2/10 (Mac-XL) a major clean-out and still have a couple of hardware issues to deal with before I start on the software side of things.

The first is just plain wierd to me. I haven't used an original Mac mouse since about 1988 when a friend had a 128k Mac and this may be normal, but I'd be surprised if it were.
The mouse on my Lisa won't sit flat on the desk. It sits flat on the black ball-flange, but the two little feet near the front edge are about 2.5mm above the desk. It's sort of a rocking-mouse... when you push the button down, the whole mouse tips forward.
I've examined this mouse very closely and it does not appear to be warped. I've disassembled it and given it a thorough clean (I like the real ball-bearing in it) and the case is all square and true. The little front feet don't appear to be worn down, though this is a possibility. They'd have to be about 5 times their current height to touch the desk though. At the moment they are maybe 0.5 mm I'd appreciate any ideas on this, I'm sure it is not normal as it makes the mouse a bit difficult to use.

The second issue is with the CRT. It works well and after some tweaking of the internal adjustments I can pretty much fill the screen with a nice bright image.
The only problem it has is a distinct narrowing toward the left. The problem is primarily that the top edge of the image drops maybe 5mm or more as it moves to the left-hand side of the screen. I'm pretty fussy about that sort of thing and would like to learn how to tweak the magnets that are attached to the field windings to straighten out the picture. I can tell it would take very little to straighten this one out.
Has anyone here had a go at that yet?

Thanks for any information :)



Robert Ian Axford

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