PFG clips/ dead Lisas

From: David R. B. Kraemer <dkraemer_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 13:44:24 -0400

Thanks to James McPhail for the advice about the PFG clips! Unfortunately, before I was able to really test the fix that he suggested, I fried my Lisa. I'm so bummed. >:-/

It was a stupid mistake. I had a working Lisa (Mac XL) and a dead Lisa 2 with many parts missing. I've been testing out the parts and trying to figure out how things work by swapping parts in and out of the Lisa/XL. The fatal mistake came when I swapped in the CPU/RAM/IO/motherboard assembly, powered it on, and heard a sickening crackle. I unplugged it, and then realized that I'd put the CPU assembly chassis into the Lisa without the CPU board in it. Arrgh.

So, I may be out of the Lisa business altogether now. Without a working Lisa, it will be very difficult for me to diagnose the problem. (It's probably the power supply or the video board, I think. There are no obviously burned-out capacitors, after a quick inspection.) And working Lisas are going for more than $500 on eBay, which is a bit beyond my vintage computer budget.

Maybe there's a list member in the vicinity of Baltimore, MD, USA? If so, maybe I could test my power supply in their Lisa.

Cheers, and be careful out there!


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