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From: Dan Knight <dknight_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 07:52:15 -0400

Two dozen lists. Some old, established, and popular. Some newer and less popular.

This is an introduction to the smaller lists, those with under 100 subscribers.

MaX List, for those hearty souls running Linux or Unix on Macintosh hardware. To join, send email to <max-list-on_at_email.domain.hidden>

MacInSchool, advocating for Macs in our schools. Great place to discuss issues such as tech policies that are Windows only. To subscribe, send email to <macinschool-on_at_email.domain.hidden>

LisaList, for the few who own (and sometimes even use!) Lisa, Mac's mom.

Road Warrior, for Mac users on the go. Looking for a good national or international ISP, Mac support in a new locale?

Mac-N-DOS, for people who have to straddle both sides of the fence between Macs and Windows. Helpful for crossing the OS divide or when running Windows on your Mac. <mac-n-dos-on_at_email.domain.hidden>

Apple2list, for folks still using Apple II series computers.

Mac UK, our smallest national list, has over 50 Mac users in the UK. Join them with an email to <mac-uk-on_at_email.domain.hidden>

Outback-Mac, our next smallest national list, is for Australians and New Zealanders. Over 60 others have alread subscribed at

I'm also planning a list for home schoolers who use Macs. I'll post an announcement once MacLaunch validates the list address.

As always, if you have any subscription problems, please email me at
<listmom_at_email.domain.hidden>. Thanks!

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